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Asakusa temple is famous and popular place for tourists. It is the part of Tokyo most interesting for the Sensoji Temple, due to an above-average density of temples in different parts of Asakusa.
Asakusa district is famous for numerous festivals and celebrations that are regularly held there. Sanja-Matsuri, the festival of Sensoji Temple, is the most important among them. As well as overwhelming majority of traditional celebrations, it is a festive procession along the streets, accompanied by singing and dancing. In a city where there are very few buildings older than 50 years (owing to wartime bombing), Asakusa has a greater concentration of 1950s-60s buildings than most other areas of Tokyo. There are traditional ryokan (guest-houses), homes, and small-scale apartment buildings dotted throughout the district.
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Bright Lights, Big City

Tokyo is a decidedly sprawling and bustling city which, though interesting, to me seems to lack the charm and feeling of tradition that Kyoto, Hakone and Kamakura conveyed. Despite its expanse and at times heavy traffic, Tokyo is fairly easy to negotiate given its efficient subway system. I rather played Tokyo by ear and perhaps didn?t get all that I could have gotten out of the experience. To make the most of your visit, do some homework and pay a visit to the Tourist Information Center (TIC) near Yurakucho Station to help plan your itinerary. 

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There are tones of the dreams and emotions from my fantastic trip to Tokyo; local people named this place the Land of the Rising Sun. They are very often just tourist photos but also shots of people who where there. Some pictures are from the imperial Japanese gardens (called Shinjuku Gyoen). It's a huge park notable especially for the deference of styles featured (the garden's style includes English, French, and Japanese green gardens). A amazing park filled with tropical plants offers even more variety to this peaceful scene.  Read more

Geography of Japan

The English word Japan is an exonym, which means that he Japonese do not refer to their country with this name; the authentic name for Japan is Nippon, or Nihon.

The territory of Japan reaches 377,8 thousand square kilometers. The population is about 125,6 million people, which makes it one of the most densely populated country of the world.

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History of Japan

First marks of inhabitation on Japan archipelago are dated 30,000 BC, which is otherwise referred to as Paleolithic era. First settlers were followed by Jomon inhabitants, who represented  semi-sedentary hunter-gatherer pit dwelling culture and retained rudimentary forms of agriculture. Those were the people who came to Japan islands while they were still a part of the mainland in the close neighborhood with China and the Korean peninsula. After tectonic changes and separation of the Japanese archipelago those settlers were there to stay.

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The home of the Emperor of Japan the Imperial Palace Tokyo. The real, thrilling and exciting Imperial Palace place was long time ago the part of the Edo Castle. This building is surrounded by a moat and a high wall. This historical Japan place is occupies tones of square kilometers. Containing various buildings, the private residence occupies 3.4 kilometers in the downtown area of Tokyo's Chiyoda ward. Moreover the soil is the most expensive in the globe.

The Imperial Palace Tokyo is the most valued piece of real estate in Japan, and has housed some of the nation's most historic rulers, including Emperor Hirohito. The straight drop of the stone walls here again reflects the original topography, with water deep below in the moats cut through the upland.

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Japan Tourist Guide

For a long time Japan has been out of limits for visitors from the rest of the world, or at least it was rather complicated to break through its shield of estrangement, which made its culture, traditions and, of course, its food highly distinctive and peculiar like nowhere else. That?s why nowadays Japan occupies a top position in the list of the countries which attract the most quantities of tourists (gaijins in Japanese) every year.

So here are some interesting facts and useful tips for those planning to take a trip to Japan.

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Narita and Tokyo Taster

Narita Airport is the main gateway to Tokyo but what a lovely surprise Narita is a city in its own right and is worth spending some time exploring. The old town centre is made up of quiet streets lined with traditional shops and restaurants and also boasts one of the largest temple complexes in Japan. 

An eclectic and exciting mix of old and new, crowded streetscapes, ancient temples and serene alleyways vie for space in and around newer and more towering high tech skyscrapers and neon lights. Tokyo is just a feast for the senses.

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The large artificial island in Tokyo Bay, Japan is Odaiba. Odaiba is home to a popular shopping and entertainment district as well as the headquarters of a major Japanese television network. The artificial island of Odaiba, with all its futuristic buildings, entertainment and shopping centers could also be a huge theme park to be.

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Sensoji Temple in Japan is Tokyo's the oldest, and one of its most significant, temples. Formerly associated with the Tendai sect, it became independent after the Second World War.

This place is focusing the best, colorful festival in Japan. The festival takes place over 3, sometimes 4 days in late spring, and sees the surrounding streets closed to traffic from dawn until late evening.

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The fantastic Tokyo city

Japan is a lovely place to visit and you will be able to take advantage of some bargains when you travel to Tokyo if you plan ahead. Tokyo is also a place to view and experience some of the traditional arts of Japan and the Asian culture. Put on the clothing worn by a geisha and have a picture taken for your scrapbook. You can take a class and learn the art of Japanese flower arranging. Spend several hours or an entire day visiting the gardens, temples, shrines and museums. You will see things in Tokyo that are not available anywhere else you may travel. It is also a city of the future. You can shop at some of the most fashionable places imaginable in the Roppongi district. Have fun shopping your way through 53 stories and you may want to visit the City View observatory and the Mori Art Museum. Read more


Ueno Park is deals with Japanese Hanami tradition. And you may wonder? Why some people are sitting alone? What they are doing? They are called "placeholder." Their duty is to keep the place until the party begins. Ueno Park is a spacious public park located in the Ueno section of Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan. In cherry blossom season, Ueno Park is Tokyo's most popular spot for outdoor hanami parties.

Ueno Park is very easy to get to, the entrance is right outside Ueno station. At the park's south entrance stands a statue of Saigo Takamori, an important personality of the late Edo and early Meiji Period. While there was hardly a bloom in the rest of Tokyo Ueno Park was already out in full. The park is very pretty with lots of interesting nooks and crannies. There are two entrances to the park: the main one takes you straight into the museum and art gallery area, a course that might leave you worn out before you get to Ueno's temples.

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