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British females

Your London escort girl will be the perfect company to any place you wish to go. If it is a noisy pub, a quiet restaurant or a historical landscape, she will enjoy any place you take her. She doesn’t require gifts or special signs of attention and is a companion that you have always searched for. Nowadays, it is hard to find a beautiful and understanding woman, and it is especially hard if you are in London only for a couple of days. We will help you save your energy and time and provide you with the perfect girl. You will always be treated with attention and love. Read more

London Art Galleries

London is a modern Mecca for those who love art as the city literally brimming with all sorts of artistic venues and art galleries, each and every of which is housed in fashionable building which is a masterpiece in itself. Some astounding places like the internationally famed Trafalgar Square with its National Gallery housing more than 2 thousand exhibits which range from the artworks of the early Renaiisance period to more recent art pieces by Impressionists. Collected by  John Julius Angerstein in the early XIX century, the collection of masterpieces of international value had been inherited by the British Government back in 1824. Ever since 1838 the collection has been housed in a miraculously fashionable building at Trafalgar square. The list of gems of The National Gallery features masterpieces of such internationally recognized great artists of the past as Leonardo da Vinci (Virgin and Child with St Anne and John the Baptist), Monet (Bathers at La Grenouillière), Botticelli (Mystic Nativity) and Diego Velázquez (Rokeby Venus). There is simply much more to see in The National Gallery than can be possibly seen during a brief visit to the museum and see the above mentioned artists as well as Vermeer, Caravaggio, Rembrandt and a great multitude of others.

An outstanding collection of portraits depicting famous people of the British history, influential or historical persons, is housed in the marvelous National Portrait Gallery in St. Martin's Place. The Gallery first opened its doors in 1856. The scope of artists presented in the Gallery ranges from painters of the early Tudor period to the photography of the present-day. The list of persons who had seated for the portraits collected in the Gallery features the monarchs of all the British dynasties, starting with Richard II and finishing with Elizabeth II. The gallery organizes thematic exhibits and the entire collection is never shown to the public. Nevertheless, tourists are much attracted by the Gallery's great shows featuring the exhibition of such legendary persons like William Shakespeare or Lord Byron, Alfred Tennyson, Queen Elizabeth I (The Virgin Queen), and Henry VIII. Some other persons portrayed in the pictures of The National Portrait Gallery includes the famed commodore Horatio Nelson, the Brontë sisters, one of the first feminists Germaine Greer and the incoercible prime-minister lady Margaret Thatcher.

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London History

The British Empire was once known to rule the biggest part of the world, and the center of this influential Empire was in London, its capital. The first blow to the Empire was the Roman invasion led by legendary Julius Caesar that took place in 55 BC. The ships of Rome pulled into the havens of Kent, and the Roman warriors landed and marched on into the very heart of the British Empire, to the river Thames. Back then the North Bank was scarcely inhabited by a small group of tribesmen, but when the Romans returned in 43 AD this region was already densely populated with settled community. This place is now known as Southwark. There was an unsuccessful attempt of Queen Boadicea to take Londinium as it was known way back then in 61 AD which resulted in Roman?s victory. The Romans left a lot of marks in the appearances of the city, and until now we can see the signs of their culture. One of them is the Southwark bridge connecting the banks of the Thames and the remnants of the city wall built in 200 CE. The population of London by the III century reached the figure over 50 thousand people. With the fall of the Roman Empire London was passed to the Saxons, but their rule was rather short and had not change the city much. It was closely followed by the rule of Vikings who stormed into the city in 834. In the 871 the King of Wessex Alfred the Great came to power. In 1042 Edward the Confessor took control over London, but he was thwarted in 1066 by the Norman Conquest by the Duke of Normandy whose name was William the Conqueror. William the Conqueror soon was proclaimed the new king of England. The crowning ceremony took place in the Westminster Abbey that was accomplished around that time. At that period London was proclaimed the capital of the country. Among the great achievements of this age there can be named the beginning of the London Tower history in 1078 and the publishing of the Domesday Book, and the first survey to be published in England. The first Civil Code of the country was published in London in 1215 under the title of Magna Carta which enhanced the influence of the city, and the first parliament was gathered in 1240 with the seat in Westminster. With the flow of time the London suburbs were growing expansively, and so was the population, which was dramatically increasing the territory of the city itself and the number of its inhabitants. But The Black Death of 1348 took away the lives of almost half the city?s population, which was critical to the growth of the city.

The new era of prosperity came to London with the beginning of Tudor dynasty. Under the rule of Tudors England came to power, and under the reign of Queen Elizabeth I the country achieved much recognition as an Empire with numerous colonies and unmeasured wealth thanks to the discovery of the New World. In 1534 the Church of England was started as the then Pope Clement VII rejected the appeal of Henry VIII for a divorce which made the king break up with the Catholic Church. The head of the new Church was the King himself. This title of the head of the Church is still retained by the English monarchs. In 1591 England gained yet another unique asset in the person of William Shakespeare who staged his very first play this year in London. Back then his works were undoubtedly the best plays ever staged in the entire world, and up to this day his plays are universally recognized as the best pieces of drama. In 1005 Guy Fawkes? unsuccessful attempt to set the Houses of parliament on fire in the course of the so called Gunpowder Plot gave birth to the Bonfire Night celebration, the tradition that has been kept through the centuries.

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London Landmarks

The skyline of London, truly remarkable by far, gained its most prominent feature in 2000 with the erection of The British Airways London Eye, a gigantic and magnificent rotating wheel which had been designed on the occasion of Millennium and was originally meant to be moved from one British city to another after adorning the London's South Bank in front of the Houses of Parliament. son Eye remains to be the major tourist attraction of the city. The London Eye is the tallest rotation wheel in the entire world; it is a masterpiece of engineering with its 32 capsules constructed so as to give the best view to the spectators; each capsule can hold up to 25 people. The wheel slides so smoothly that if you are inside of it is nigh impossible to perceive the movement. It is an absolute hit with the tourists of London, as there is no better way to see the entire city at one glimpse and enjoy magnificent urban sceneries, if the weather permits the spectators can observe the city for up to 25 miles. One go of the London Eye lasts up to 30 minutes. 

There is no person in the world who would not know what the Buckingham palace of London is. The façade of the Palace is an iconic image instantaneously associated with the capital of great Britain. The entrance to the palace itself and a magnificent courtyard are located behind this façade. An island of the ancient traditions in the modern world, the Buckingham Palace is the residence of Queen of England. On occasions when the Queen is home the English Flag flaps freely in the wind above the Buckingham Palace. The history of the Palace goes back to 1705 when the spectacular building was erected to be a city residence for the first Duke of Buckingham. In the period between 1824 and 1831 the place was reconstructed and extended by the royal architect John Nash to be fit for a splendid royal palace according to the order of George IV. The first monarch to settle down in the Buckingham Palace was Queen Victoria. Later on in 1913 Sir Aston Webb constructed the fabulous façade which with time has become iconic feature of London's. The monarchs hail their subjects form the façade balcony on special occasions (like it was the case with the victory in both World Wars) and holidays. A truly spectacular routine of the Buckingham Palace and a sumptuous show for the tourists is the Changing of the Guard at 11 am. The Officers of the Queen clad in fascinating red jackets and hats made of bearskin make a march from Wellington Barracks to the Palace. 

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London Nightclubs

London at night is quite a fantastic sight with its millions of neon lights flooding the streets and its tangy and vibrant atmosphere of hundreds of nightclubs and entertainment venues, including clubs of international partying centers, such as Fabric on Charterhouse Street which is a renowned dancing venue considered to be the best in London. Fabric is a 24/7 dancing venue, which makes it the one of the kind dancing club of London. The club occupies three rooms with perfect acoustic isolation, so that the partying folks could dance in either of them chosing the music they prefer.

Stringfellows of Upper St Martin?s Lane is another partying venue of London which is notoriously famous for zesty lapdancers featured in the club. If you feel like rubbing shoulders with the cream of the society, go to this vibrant beat-thumping venue and enjoy tableside lapdances that go alongside with best quality cocktails and groovy beats.

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London Pubs and Bars

English pubs are famous in the entire world, and there is no better place to go for an A-list beer and a good homely atmosphere than a cozy London pub. London brims with some stylish watering holes, and the only problem you can face is choosing the venue to go. The Lamb and Flag housed comfortably on Rose Street is perhaps the oldest pub of London; few other clubs can boast such visitors as Charles Dickens. The pub is outrageously popular both among Londoners and guests of the city. Cask bitter is an absolute hit with Lamb and Flag guests, and if you are in for some good snack you are welcome to go upstairs and order yourself a roast lunch.

Soho district, one of the most trendy and bohemian areas of the city, boasts the Dog and Duck pub. The atmosphere of the pub is strongly reminiscent of Victorian interiors with its original tiled walls; the beers are extremely diverse and brought from every corner of the country. You can learn from new offers from an advertisement on a special board. The crowd consists mainly of students and artists or designers. The club is not very spacious and has pleasantly air of coziness.

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London Restaurants

London is the capital of the world for traditions, royalty, and royalty traditions. These traditions primarily concern food preferences of Londoners. The range of London restaurants is sufficient to satisfy the needs of the most demanding connoisseurs. The number of A-list restaurants reaches cosmic figures, and there remains only one little problem for a London guest: what dining venue to choose? For one, the outrageously popular Ivy restaurant is frequented by celebrities and other cream of the society, therefore it is quite a problem to book a table there if you do not fall in either of these categories. The Ivy is located on West Street in Covent Garden, and if you are lucky enough to manage booking a table there you will certainly not regret the efforts. The menu is brasserie-themed and the chic atmosphere, plus the possibility of meeting a pack of stars ensure that you have the best dining experience of your life.

Nobu is yet another amazing restaurant in London which is nearly as famous as the Ivy and frequented mostly by the rich and famous. The setting is that of authentic royal luxury themed with oaken and maple parquet tables. The bowls for sushi are also made of lacquered wood, ansd sake flasks are all designed to match the interior and made of bamboo. As is implied by the name, the restaurant specializes in Japanese cuisine, the best in the city. But you can also find there some superb innovative dishes of South American food traditions. You do not need to make a reservation for the sushi bar, but there is no hope of getting yourself a table unless you are an A-list celebrity. Like in all top-notch restaurants, in Nobu chef can offer you omokase -  a menu of seven courses chosen by the chef.

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London Tourist Guide

The city has a truly aristocratic and vivacious atmosphere. London offers so many activities to its visitors, both educational and entertainment ones that you simply will hardly catch up with your time for meals and rest. But the first and foremost venue for all tourists to attend is, of course, the Buckingham Palace, the Queen?s Residence. Thousands of travelers watch the famed Change of Guards in front of the Palace, the magnificent and spectacular show long since became legendary with all the population of the world. Other tourist attractions can well outnumber the attractions of al the rest of cities of the world: Hyde Park, the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, the Westminster Abbey, the Downing Street, St Paul?s Cathedral, to name a few.

Sum it up with seeing the spectacular exhibits in the famous museums of London, such as the British Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Tate Modern Gallery, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Science Museum, as well as valuable items of fantastically arranged art galleries like the Britain Gallery and National Portrait Gallery. Literary minded tourists will enjoy visiting the awesome exhibits of the Sherlock Holmes Museum and Shakespear?s Globe Exhibition.

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Virtual Intimate Life

What does the future hold for online lovers? Online users believe that the future becoming even more interactive. “Since the Internet was born, people have wanted higher levels of interaction, which is evident from the progression of online communications such as emails, instant messaging, chat rooms, web cams (and) the online dating boom,” said Vatan (user of High Joy). Read more