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Paris escort services

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Females of France

Paris is known to be the city of love, passion and romance. If you have come to Paris for business or just seeking that same love, it will be a shame to miss out on the atmosphere of love and passion Paris. If you are alone or just haven’t found your perfect woman yet, then you should hire an escort. A Paris escort is a good way to feel younger, fresher and more confident in the man you are. Our Paris girls are the sexiest girls in France and are as passionate as any French girl out there. Read more

Paris Art Galleries

The major tourist attraction among the museums of Paris is, of course, Louvre located in the center of the city. The museum is  housed in the ancient castle the history of which goes back to the early XII century, precisely to the period of reigning of the French king Philippe Auguste (1180 to1223). the castle was originally established as a protective fortress to stand the  the constant Anglo-Saxon invasion danger.

Today, however, Louvre is associated with the priceless works of such internationally recognized great painters of the past as Leonardo Da Vinci and his famed Mona Lisa, Michelangelo's The Fortune Teller, Rubens and his Battle of Anghiari. Besides, Louvre keeps and exhibits a great multitude of sculptures, the most famous of which is Venus of Milo, and a vast collection of marvellous Egyptian antiquities. The galleries and large halls of the Louvre Museum are so impressive it takes your breath away stepping on the pavement where trode the first dames and chevalliers of France in times immemorial.

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Paris History

The history of Paris goes back to as early as the III century BCE. The people who used to inhabit the territory of contemporary Paris were called Parisii, and that's where goes the etimology of the name of the city itself. The signs of their culture were found under the foundation of Cathedral de Notre Dame de Paris in the form of remnants of altars of the pagan tribe. The history of Parisii stopped with the Roman assault in the year 52 BCE when Roman army broke into the Celtic settlement and destroyed it and then re-arranged the city to be their administrative center. Gradually the town was transferred to the Left Bank of the Seine. It was Roman conquerors who gave the city the name of Paris paying tribute to the defeated founders of the town in the year 360 AD after proclaiming the Roman prefect an Emperor.

In the course of the V century the authority of Roman rulers in Paris loosened Later on in 476 AD Paris survived another incineration, this time by the tribe of Franks, and from this time the history of France as a full-fledged Kingdom which was quickly developing and shortly after the whole city of Paris was turned into Christianity. A grand dynasty of Carolings was initiated with the Pepin the Short's throne ascension in 751. With the next suzerain of Carolingian dynasty, Charlemange, moved the capital of France to Aix-La-Chapelle. The reign of Carolings however was marked by dramatic devastation and decline in both political and economical spheres of the Kingdom. This period was followed by an epoch of prosperity and territorial expansion in France started with the inauguration of Hugues Capet in 987. It was then that the capital was transferred back to Paris.

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Paris Landmarks

When you are visiting Paris you will be blown away by the multitude of opportunities that unfold in front of you. Of course, no living man can visit every historical sight in Paris worth visiting during a short stay. Choosing your landmarks visiting schedule in Paris is not easy at all, and you will either need a skillful guide who will take you around the city sights saving your time or else we can help you following your preferences while taking a breathtaking unforgettable trip around this marvelous City of Love.

Love is everywhere you turn in Paris, but undoubtedly the symbol of all lovers of the planet as well as the symbol of Paris itself. The foundation of this gigantic construction refers to the second half of the XIX century. The Tower has retained all of its original charm of old days and added some newly acquired Paris chic and style. The height of this magnificent tower reachers1050 feet. As you gaze at the Eiffel Tower from afar you are beginning to wonder what efforts it took the then architectures to build this enormous city spire. By no means the major tourist attraction of the city, the Eiffel Tower accommodates fashionable restaurants such as Jules Verne restaurant located on the second upper deck of the construction. You can take a lift or climb up a few step flights with the total of 1060 steps by your choice. But be prepared that lifts are overcrowded by tourists and getting your tickets may take quite some time. From the third and the last deck of the Tower tourists can enjoy a view over the entire city, and if the weather permits you can see as far as 50 miles around you. In the nearby area of the Eiffel tower you can enjoy the spectacular show put up by smartly arranged fountains lit with floodlights.

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Paris Museums

Where else in the world curious tourists interested in history may go if not to Paris? Make no mistake, by coming to Paris you will come close as never befor to the gates of the history itself, feel its breath in every corner of each and every avenue. And, of course, no other city in the world can boast such multitude of museums which historical and cultural value is beyond may expectations.

One of such museums is the inimitated Museum de l'Arme that makes a part of the city's most famed Hotel des Invalides, a complex of museums storing and exhibiting artifacts pertaining to the glorious military history of France. The Museum de l'Arme displays such exhibits as Napoleon's campaign tent and his stuffed dog, to name a few. This museum is wildly popular and much loved both by tourists and natives.

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Paris Nightclubs

While staying in Paris you will have no difficulties finding a place to go partying. Paris boasts so many nightclubs and night-time entertainment venues that it is not possible at all to stay bored indoors. In Paris tourists can find both old fashioned stylish night entertainment venues with the indigenous air of the city of love and ultra modern nightclubs full of throbbing crowds of young people. And, of course, there is the celebrated Moulin rouge, the oldest burlesque nightclub which first opened its doors back in 1889. The place still functions at the full swing and is as popular as ever. It is difficult to imagine Paris without the wild dancing of Moulin Rouge girls.

If you prefer dancing to watching dancing shows, go straight to La Locomotive where the city life throbs till the morning light with mobs of young people partying to the most diverse kinds of music from techno and urban beats to softer jazz and blues melodies played both by bands or spun by DJs.

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Paris Pubs and Bars

The French way of staying fed is dainty and substantial meal followed by an invariable glass of good wine and an elegant atmosphere to savor the eating. Consequently, in Paris you will not only find full menus of delicacies, but also enjoy stylish and comfortable ambience of a traditional cozy French eatery, a jazz club, a small wine cafe or an English drinking pub - the choice is yours to make.

Paris is famous for its long established cuisine traditions, which means that you can find a huge number of dining venues that strongly remind of the bygone times both with their settings and menus. One of such places is a famous on Le Baron Rouge on Rue Theophile-Roussel. This minute wine bar is housed not far off the Aligre Marche. The feeling of getting back to the ancient days is enhanced with the barrels being rolled outside on sunny days. You can fill your glass of wine by yourself or resort to the help of a waiter. The choice of wines is really French, which means you need to be a connoisseur to be able to make a decision.

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Paris Restaurants

Once you set your foot on the pavement of Paris avenues, you will be tempted by the sights of many dozens of fashionable restaurants becoming you with elegant looks and fragrant smells. Beware the danger of being spoilt, though: choosing a right place for dining in Paris is simply impossible, as every eatery there seems to be right.

Traditional French restaurants with escargots, frog legs and expensive wines are accomplished by the restaurants of other world's cuisines like Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, Russian, Indian, Italian and American cuisines. For sure, the high level of the services provided will make you feel you were a king surrounded by a complete suite of attentive servants ready to fulfill every whim of yours by a flick of your wrist.

We recommend that you start your dining experience in Paris with the famous Left Bank eateries like Chez Henri au Moulin à Vent, on Rue des Fossés St-Bernard. Bohemian bistros, chic restaurants and old cafes with exciting history will give you both aesthetic and gourmet's satisfaction.

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Paris Shopping

Paris is universally recognized as the fashion capital of the planet. So many design stories started here, that it is but natural that the city was given this title. The fashionable Avenue Montaigne is brimming with shops of all kinds, including chic boutiques of exclusively produced branded outfits, designer shops, huge department stores, shopping mallas and flea markets where you can buy exclusive things for a song. For the ultimate shopping experience in Paris be sure to browse around the legendary Champs Elisees area of the city. Stunning evening gowns by Dior, stylish Chanel tweed wear, daring and extravagant Christian Loubotin, posh Louis Vuitton, chic and dramatic Christian Lacroix and classic and feminine Chloe are all there for you in vibrant and comfortable trading outlets of Champs Elisees. Some of the Italian and American designers like Calvin Clein, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and others can also be shopped for in Paris. And, of course, every woman knows that in Paris there is a luxurious and unique Sephora shop, an exclusive place for the famous and rich to choose scents and cosmetics.

Hip and trendy stores of the Marais area will hold you entranced for hours of delightful shopping. In this area shoppers can find an all en-vogue designer store by a talented Japanese couturier Issey Miyake located in Place des Vosges. Another shop in this area worth dropping in is an all-exclusive shop by Liza called Costumiseé Par Liza on Rue Charlot. Here they sell inimitable fare every piece of which has an air of a costume.

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Paris Sports

Speaking about sports activities in Paris it should start with description of the internationally known Stade de France, a huge stadium that housed the World Cup Final back in 1998. French is a nation crazy for football, just like the majority of the European countries. So it is hardly a surprise that the whole nation was preparing for the great Cup and the festive happennings that ensued afterwards. The stadium can accommodate up to 80 thousand spectators and is a regular home to such cosmopolitan sport events as Rugby World Cup and the prestigious Six Nations rugby tournament. Stade de France is also a number one venue for the  international rock stars giving their concerts in Paris. Thus, this year the stadium will accommodate thhe concert of the greatest pop star of the past centuries - Madonna. Stade de France has not a home team of its own, but some French football and rugby teams keep liaisons with the stadium for playing their matches at Stade de France occasionally. the stadium has a retracting type of a stand that can be removed during athletic shows.

Another fascinating show of the French sport life is a one-of-the-kind Tour de France which is a great bicycle race. During the grand finale of the event the racers go all the way alongside the embankment of the Rive Droite with a spree down the legendary Champs Elisees district. Tour de france occurs every summer and the event is much loved by tourists and natives equally.

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Paris Theatres

By saying "the theatre of Paris" they usually refer to the legendary Opéra area of the city where the majority of the most famous French theatres are housed. And, of course, the most famous and spectacular theatre of the city of the Opéra National de Paris Garnier. The building itself is a true sight to behold. The awsome theatre was being built for the entire thirteen years, and you can imagine what is the result of such a tremendous work. The building of the Opéra National de Paris Garnier is decorated to accommodate the best troupes of the country that give performances to the cream of society: massive columns, mirrored walls, rich ornaments, freziers, marble mozaics, the impressive Giant Staircase and of course the traditional for Parisian architecture pastel coloured dome. Every literate person in the world knows that the thetre has been made a setting for the bestseller novel of Leroux, the Phantom of the Opera which has been recently transferred into a wildly popular musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Another  attraction of the great theatre is its undeground lake that played the front role in the plot of Leroux's novel. The great theatre house can accommodate up to 450 performers at a time. Despite its having such an enormous size, the Opéra National de Paris Garnier is arranged in such a way that all the spectators can enjoy an unhampered view of the show freely.

A theatrical venue of Folies-Bergère is an old entertainment outlet known for its risky performances such as topless Cabaret girls doing a wild can-can. This scandalizing dance, however, can be rarely seen today, and nowadays the venue turned into a more family-visited theatrical spot. However, the daring dance that stole the limelights for its zesty performances back in the XIX century has been remade into a spectacular erotic performance in a renewed modern style. Check out the performance staged by Sam Mendes.

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Paris Tourist Guide

As an old saying goes, one should see Paris before they die. Either if you are a romantic type or if you are not, visiting Paris is an absolute ust for any eager tourist as the city offers endless attractions and places of historical and cultural importance.

There has been said a lot about Paris in centuries, but only seeing it with your own eyes will give you the true idea of why this city is referred to the city of all lovers.
If you still doubt everything said about, remember the Eiffel Tower, the city's most famous and iconic steel construction. There is hardly another place for people in llove to bring their loved ones and enjoy the magnificent view standing on the Champs Elisee.

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