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Tokyo History

The city was originally started from a castle. Its history goes back to 1457, when Tokyo was founded as a stronghold for shogunate. After the restoring of Maiji the Emperor made it the royal residence and the seat of the Tokugawa government. Back in the XVII century Tokyo was under the so called ritsuryo system together with a part of Yokohama and the city of Kawasaki. The ritsuryo system is a political system of Japan influenced by the philosophy of Confucianism and Chinese Legalism. Consequently, the political system which is based upon its regulations is called "Ritsuryō-sei".

Back then the extent of the city was limited by the borders of the medieval city of Edo. Officially the provinces were united under the title of Tokyo City

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Tokyo Landmarks

There is a list of compulsory places, urban landmarks and institutions that every reasonable tourist needs to see.

It should be noted separately that in the course in its history Tokyo has been twice left in ruins, one time by a lifetaking earthquake and the other time by bombing raid undertaken by American military authorities. Nevertheless it didn?t kill the city, but made it stronger, if it can be put so.

Among the most noteworthy architecture spots there can be named the Hie Shrine; the temples of Sengakuji, Gokokuji, and Sensoji, Tokyo Station (a Marunouchi train station in a business district of Chioda), Wako Department Store (officially Wako Co., Ltd., also referred to as Ginza Wako ? a one-of-the-kind department store, located in the heart of Ginza shopping area in the center of the city), Akasaka Palace (a palace which used to be a royal residence but nowadays functions as a State Guesthouse), the Bank of Japan (a modern bank housed in a historical building), Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (or Tokyo City Hall ? the headquarters of the city administration, located in Shinjuku), Tokyo International Forum (an esthetically attractive piece of postmodern architecture which houses an exhibition and concert hall and conference center), Roppongi Hills (named after the district it finds itself in, Roppongi Hills is an integrated property building which accommodates office space, apartments, shops, restaurants, cafés, movie theaters, a museum, a hotel, a major TV studio, an outdoor amphitheater, and even a few parks).

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Tokyo Museums

The most time saving way to get to know the history of the country you are staying in for a short while, to learn better its culture and its life style is, of course, to visit a few museums.

Tokyo is one of the most important culture centers of the world. The city is abundant in state, municipal and other museums, one of which is Japan?s biggest and most ancient museum, as well as over 400 picture galleries. You can find a list of the most well known Tokyo museums worth visiting below:

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Tokyo Nightclubs

A fascinating modern city by daylight, Tokyo turns into a real paradise for clubbers by night, vivacious and illuminated by neon lights of hundreds of nightclubs. Though eventually quiet at nights, in the late evening the city can offer its dwellers and visitors a vast number of fashionable modern nightclubs with live music or clubs run by international DJ?s with closing hours in the late morning. The city definitely comes alive by nights, when multi-national crowds leak off to the streets and clubs looking for some good time.

Nightlife in Tokyo is versatile, to say the least. Tokyo often houses famous music bands and singers who give their concerts in the city music halls. Visiting a concert after a hard and exhausting day of sightseeing and shopping in Ginza may be such a fun!

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Tokyo Pubs and Bars

Tokyo is one of the most populous places on earth, and due to its unique culture and exotic atmosphere it has become on of the most popular touristic destinations as well.

?Work hard in the day, party harder in the night? is the life style moto in Japan. After the sun has given way to thousands of neon lights of the late evening Tokyo, as the city gets flooded by the multitude of inhabitants and tourists who sprawl in different directions to enjoy a warm evening partying and having a sip of champagne to shake off the day?s tension.

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Tokyo Restaurants

Tokyo is an international place in the truest sense of the term. Japanese restaurants are highly esteemed all around the globe for their incredible cuisine and high quality drinks, so it seems an entire sea of delicacies for a true gourmet to plunge into. Yes, a real sea, because it?s the seafood that the Japanese cuisine is all about. Lobsters, crabs, shrimps, salmon and exotic kinds of fish are on every Tokyo chef?s menu as well as the invariable rice.

There is such amount of restaurants in Tokyo that you can easily lose your way trying to make out which one to visit first.

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Tokyo Shopping

Tokyo is a true cosmopolitan city and a great choice when it comes down to shopping.

The biggest and absolutely the most glamorous city of Japan, Tokyo is the rightest place to shop till you drop. The city offers countless variety of multistory hi-tech department stores, sprawling networks of huge shopping malls, integrated in numerous entertainment centers, chic and fashionable boutiques selling exclusive outfits, accessories, jewelry and perfumes, all quality branded products by universally acknowledged producers, like headquarters of the Apple Company in Tokyo Opera Theatre Tower.

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Tokyo Sports

If you are looking for some active rest in and out the area of Tokyo, you won?t leave the city disappointed, by no means. Tokyo municipality can offer perhaps each sports activity known to humankind. Just tune in and take an enthralling trip around sportive Tokyo, it?s going to be an incredible experience. You can find the right place to go using the City Source English Telephone Directory, found in every international hotel. But keep in mind that all of sports sites are way too crowded, especially on weekends.

Among sports facilities you can find in Tokyo there are venues for swimming, skating, horseback riding, tennis, badminton, bicycling, golf, hiking and walking, jogging and even hang gliding.

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Tokyo Theatres

Japan has its inimitable theatrical culture with several mainstreams within its traditions. Japanese Puppet Theatre, also known as Bunraku, is an integral part of Japanese culture and with the slow but steady growth of the country?s popularity in the rest of the world Bunraku has become a worldwide famous entertainment.

An indispensable part of Japanese theatrical life, Bunraku was firstly established in the late XVI century. Back then the performance was quite simple. It featured puppet manipulation, accompaniment of the samisen and oral narrative, all of which was blended into a simple but spectacular show which is now known as the traditional Japanese Theatre.

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Tokyo Tourist Guide

The principal city of Japan, Tokyo, is perhaps one of the most exotic and attractive places on earth. It is one of the rare places in the world where ancient culture and modern technologies live side by side. Castles whose history is counted by centuries are silhouetted against sky scrapers, traditional colorful kimono, fans and umbrellas can be seen from behind the crowd of people in XXI century suits and dresses. Restaurants give you the impression that you are eating something unearthly. Blooming sakuras make you feel like walking on a cloud. People are friendly and outgoing.

Tokyo is located on the Kanto plain facing the Pacific Ocean coastline of the Honshu island.

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What do you need to know about Japan.

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