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I am so simple funny and very independent and love to talk a lot... i am a girl who believes in destiny and wants to learn more about other culture ,.. Im ordinary person i have very few regrets the ordinary problems , have not been hard to face but lately little changes i have been slowly taking place,You're always finding something is wrong in what I do, but you can't rearrange my life, because it pleases you. Visit: You've got lo love me for simple being me don't love me for what you intend or hope if you're only using me to feed your fantansy. cos you're really not in love. so let me go. isn't natural for me i won't pretend to keep you what i am i have to be the picture of perfection is only on your mind for all your expectation, love can never be designed we either tale each other for everything we are or leave the life and we've made behind and make another start.

Meet Cebuana Girls

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